Terms of Use

Designers of Verymanytubes.com are exclusive owners of their artworks.

Verymanytubes allows to create any graphic digital products for non-commercial use (including PSP tags, animated banners and website designs).

We do not allow to create blank tags, banners and website's designs for any third party in any case. All tubes from the store are only for personal usage.

We allow recoloring and animating of all tubes from Verymanytubes.com.

Products may not be printed, exchanged, sold, used for profit and commercial purposes or shared in any method of file sharing, including any file hosting, data medium, e-mail and etc.

Users, who share tubes and use them for any commercial purpose, will be blocked without the possibility of account recovery.

The final product must contain the copyright symbol, full name of the artist, website name which is www.verymanytubes.com and the license which is VMT_your username.

Every customer should have his/her unique username, and it should have at least one number or letter in it.